Announcing The Grotto Commons—an extension, evolution, and expansion of The Grotto Community Center.

The Grotto Commons is a complex of buildings from 15-23 E Philadelphia Street in the heart of downtown York, Pennsylvania—one block from the square. Formerly the site of a carriage manufacturer, the York Dispatch from 1908-1992, and Rudy Art Glass for the remaining thirty years until the present day, it is technically five structures in one, totaling 46,000 square feet.

The variety of spaces throughout the properties will enable The Grotto Commons to support a wide spectrum of thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs, and at the heart of the building will be The Grotto Community Center.

More Than Just Space

In some ways, The Grotto Commons is simply a space—a space for thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs to take a run at their dreams. We know from working at The Grotto Community Center, that it is also much more than that. When you bring a group of people together who have diverse ends, but have the same drive, amazing things happen seemingly by chance. Each member of The Grotto shows and shares their strengths by taking a leap into their creations. We each inspire one another, and what we work on together is better than what any one of us could accomplished on our own.

A Framework for Your Venture

Take a look at our spaces; begin to imagine your ventures made real inside a community of like-spirited (not like-minded) individuals. Currently, we are identifying and working with individuals and organizations to determine how and where they will fit into The Grotto Commons. If you see yourself and your venture here, reach out. We’re friendly, and we give tours. We can explain a lot more once we get to know each other.


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